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This page contains links to resources that can be found in the different pages of the Ontario Heritage Act: A Sourcebook.

Wood Bull LLP's Flow Charts 

Wood Bull LLP has prepared a series of flow charts of the different heritage processes set out in the Ontario Heritage Act.

Part IV - Designation of Properties by Municipalities:

Part IV - Designation of Properties by Minister:

Part VI - Archaeological Conservation:

Ontario Heritage Trust Documents

  • Register: as per s.23, containing (a) all properties designated under Parts IV and VI; (b) all heritage conservation districts designated under Part V; and (c) any other properties that in the opinion of the Minister are of cultural heritage value or interest.

Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport Documents

Ontario Heritage Toolkit: 

Policies and Procedures for Provincial Heritage Properties:


Tribunal Documents

Conservation Review Board Documents:

Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (formerly Ontario Municipal Board) Documents:

  • Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Rules of Practice and Procedure: Part I of the Rules are applicable to proceedings before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.  Under the Ontario Heritage Act, this includes matters under Part V (Heritage Conservation Districts) and demolitions/removal on designated properties under Part IV .

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