About Us

Wood Bull LLP is a premier municipal, planning, and development law firm. We provide bespoke services across all tiers of the municipal, provincial, and federal land-use and environmental approval processes for public and private projects. We can address client needs at any stage, from the initial concept to final approval.

Our sophisticated and efficient structure is devoid of the overheads seen in larger firms and ensures clients receive tailored, cost-effective services without conflict concerns. Our unique model incorporates land use planners alongside legal experts, enabling a comprehensive approach that maximizes ability while offering a tiered cost solution for our clients.

We provide adept counsel on everything from statute interpretations, crafting policies, plans, and zoning amendments, drafting and negotiating applications and agreements, and expropriation advice, to representing your interests in front of various municipal councils, committees, tribunals, and courts. Beyond mere legal guidance, our expertise dives deep into the technical realms. From land use planning, municipal servicing, and finance to market economics and environmental sciences, we ensure that every facet of your project meets our rigorous standards.

We also strategically collaborate with other law firms who require expertise in this nuanced area of law, guaranteeing top-tier service for our clients at every turn. From conceptualization to final approval, Wood Bull LLP is the partner you want for your next planning and development project.

Why Wood Bull LLP

At Wood Bull, we specialize in providing bespoke high-stakes development and planning work meticulously tailored to each client’s distinct needs. Our niche expertise allows us to act with unmatched precision, ever prepared to navigate our clients’ evolving challenges. Unlike larger firms, we are unburdened by potential conflicts, ensuring an unwavering focus on our clients’ interests. With the agility to swiftly mobilize resources, we remain not only responsive but always a step ahead in addressing client needs. Our dedication to specialization ensures that we stay abreast of industry shifts, delivering innovative and strategic advice.

Our multidisciplinary team includes seasoned partners, associate lawyers, and adept land-use planners, collectively ensuring Wood Bull offers exceptional, prompt and cost-effective service. We prioritize understanding our client’s businesses and adopting a deeply business-oriented strategy. Our extensive knowledge transcends standard regulations, delving deep into the myriad factors influencing project approvals. From navigating political terrains and business intricacies to overcoming environmental and regulatory challenges, we craft and execute comprehensive and cost-conscious strategies, suitable for projects of varying magnitudes.

Our legal team stands out as some of the industry’s most celebrated practitioners, garnering recognition from respected entities like the Ontario Bar Association, Lexpert, Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings, and Best Lawyers International. Known for consistently achieving commendable outcomes, especially in challenging terrains, our team has been instrumental in orchestrating some of Ontario’s most intricate development approvals.

Clients who choose Wood Bull LLP can expect a uniquely personalized experience and pragmatic counsel firmly grounded in the real-world economic landscape. Expect receiving our undivided attention, prompt communication, and unwavering commitment. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach, expertly guiding clients across all project phases and understanding the delicate dynamics between stakeholders.

With Wood Bull LLP, it is not just about addressing challenges—it is about devising strategic solutions tailored to our client’s unique challenges. 


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