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The Wood Bull Guide to the Planning Act

The Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13 is the central piece of legislation governing land use planning in the Province of Ontario.

The Wood Bull Guide to the Planning Act is organized around the seven Parts of the Planning Act.  Within each Part, the Guide groups sections and subsections into topics for ease of understanding and analysis.   

Where applicable or appropriate, we have also provided related sections and related regulations of the Planning Act, related statutes and a Wood Bull commentary.  Clicking on a particular section or subsection title will reveal the legislative language of the section/subsection and the annotations related to it.  Not every section/subsection will be annotated.

A Table of Contents is provided in the navigation toolbar to the right. 

Table of Contents


Note: Material on the Wood Bull website is intended as general information and commentary.  Please consult the e-Laws website for the legislation.  In order to make these Wood Bull Guides useful resources, we welcome any comments and suggestions.  

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