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Section 1 [Interpretation]

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  • “renewable energy undertaking”

    “renewable energy undertaking” means a renewable energy generation facility, a renewable energy project, a renewable energy testing facility or a renewable energy testing project; (“entreprise d’énergie renouvelable”)
  • “residential unit”

    “residential unit” means a unit that,
    (a) consists of a self-contained set of rooms located in a building or structure,
    (b) is used or intended for use as residential premises, and
    (c) contains kitchen and bathroom facilities that are intended for the use of the unit only. (“unité d’habitation”)
  • “Tribunal”

    “Tribunal” means the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. (“Tribunal”)


    (2) The term “public body” in subsection (1) excludes all ministries of the Province of Ontario except the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in respect of subsections 17 (24), (36), (40) and (44.1), 22 (7.4), 34 (19) and (24.1), 38 (4), 45 (12), 51 (39), (43), (48) and (52.1) and 53 (19) and (27). 1996, c. 4, s. 1 (4); 2006, c. 23, s. 1 (5); 2015, c. 26, s. 11 (2).


    (3) Despite subsection (2), the Minister may by regulation designate any other ministry of the Province of Ontario to be a public body for the purpose of the provisions referred to in subsection (2). 1996, c. 4, s. 1 (4).

  • 1(4) EXCLUSION

    (4) The Minister may by regulation exclude any board, commission, agency or official of the Province of Ontario from the definition of “public body” set out in subsection (1) in respect of the provisions referred to in subsection (2).  1996, c. 4, s. 1 (4).

    (5) The uses referred to in the definition of “area of employment” in subsection (1) are,
    (a) manufacturing uses;
    (b) warehousing uses;
    (c) office uses;
    (d) retail uses that are associated with uses mentioned in clauses (a) to (c); and
    (e) facilities that are ancillary to uses mentioned in clauses (a) to (d).  2006, c. 23, s. 1 (6).

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