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Section 2 [Provincial Interest]

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    2 The Minister, the council of a municipality, a local board, a planning board and the Tribunal, in carrying out their responsibilities under this Act, shall have regard to, among other matters, matters of provincial interest such as,

    (a) the protection of ecological systems, including natural areas, features and functions;

    (b) the protection of the agricultural resources of the Province;

    (c) the conservation and management of natural resources and the mineral resource base;

    (d) the conservation of features of significant architectural, cultural, historical, archaeological or scientific interest;

    (e) the supply, efficient use and conservation of energy and water;

    (f) the adequate provision and efficient use of communication, transportation, sewage and water services and waste management systems;

    (g) the minimization of waste;

    (h) the orderly development of safe and healthy communities;

    (h.1) the accessibility for persons with disabilities to all facilities, services and matters to which this Act applies;

    (i) the adequate provision and distribution of educational, health, social, cultural and recreational facilities;

    (j) the adequate provision of a full range of housing, including affordable housing;

    (k) the adequate provision of employment opportunities;

    (l) the protection of the financial and economic well-being of the Province and its municipalities;

    (m) the co-ordination of planning activities of public bodies;

    (n) the resolution of planning conflicts involving public and private interests;

    (o) the protection of public health and safety;

    (p) the appropriate location of growth and development;

    (q) the promotion of development that is designed to be sustainable, to support public transit and to be oriented to pedestrians;

    (r) the promotion of built form that,
    (i) is well-designed,
    (ii) encourages a sense of place, and
    (iii) provides for public spaces that are of high quality, safe, accessible, attractive and vibrant;

    (s) the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to a changing climate.  1994, c. 23, s. 5; 1996, c. 4, s. 2; 2001, c. 32, s. 31 (1); 2006, c. 23, s. 3; 2011, c. 6, Sched. 2, s. 1; 2015, c. 26, s. 12; 2017, c. 10, Sched. 4, s. 11 (1); 2017, c. 23, Sched. 5, s. 80.

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