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Section 17, Subsections (13) to (23.2) [Official Plan Process to Council Adoption]

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  • 17(23.1) CONTENTS [Of Notice]

    (23.1) The notice under subsection (23) shall contain,

    (a) a brief explanation of the effect, if any, that the written and oral submissions mentioned in subsection (23.2) had on the decision; and

    (b) any other information that is prescribed.  2015, c. 26, s. 18 (4).

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  • 17(23.2) WRITTEN AND ORAL SUBMISSIONS [Addressed in Notice]

    (23.2) Clause (23.1) (a) applies to,

    (a) any written submissions relating to the plan that were made to the council before its decision; and

    (b) any oral submissions relating to the plan that were made at a public meeting.  2015, c. 26, s. 18 (4).

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