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Province Proposes Amendments to the Planning Act and Development Charges Act

Mar 05, 2015

Bill 73 Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015 to amend the Planning Act and Development Charges Act, 1997 received its first reading today.  

At first glance, some highlights of the Planning Act portion of the Bill include:

  • on appeals for lack of decision, imposes a requirement on the Ontario Municipal Board to “have regard to” the information and material that the municipal council or approval authority received in relation to the matter.
  • global appeals of new official plans are not permitted.
  • appeals of official plans in connection with certain matters, including the Lake Simcoe watershed, a Greenbelt or Protected Countryside, or an Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan Area, are not permitted.
  • appellants arguing that decisions are inconsistent with provincial policy or upper-tier official plans must identify their issues in their notices of appeal, the failure of which may result in their appeals getting dismissed.  
  • the possibility of an extension of the 180-day period after which an appellant may appeal for lack of decision, and upon receipt of a notice of appeal, the possibility of the approval authority foreclosing other appellants after a 20 day period.
  • no requests for amendments to official plans are permitted before the second anniversary of the day any part of the plan comes into effect.
  • requirement that Section 37 money be kept in a special account.

Go here to see the Bill.

Look for our full analysis of the Planning Act and Development Charges Act, 1997 portions of the Bill in the next couple of days!


Update: See our 9 March 2015 blog Smart Growth For Our Communities Act, 2015 and our comparison tables showing:

Author(s): Johanna Shapira


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