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City of Toronto Moves Forward in Implementation of Local Appeal Board

Mar 18, 2016

On March 9, 2016, the City of Toronto (the “City”) Executive Committee received a follow-up Staff Report recommending implementation of a Local Appeal Body (“LAB”) for hearing appeals of minor variance and consent decisions issued by the City’s Committees of Adjustment.  The fee to file an appeal will be $500.00 which represents a reduction from the $1,000.00 appeal fee that staff recommended in a previous report.

The Ontario Municipal Board will continue hearing appeals related to zoning by-law and official plan amendments, site plan applications and plans of subdivision.  Appeals of LAB decisions regarding questions of law will continue to be heard , with leave, by the Divisional Court.

The LAB is intended to operate as an independent decision-making body, free from influence by other parties, including City staff and Council.  The LAB will consist of seven part-time members and a full-time Chair.  Council appoint three citizens to a Nominating Panel, on recommendation from the Civic Appointments Committee.  The Nominating Panel will interview candidates and recommend preferred candidates directly to Council for appointment to a four year term.

The Staff Report had recommended implementation of a one year pilot program for mediation of LAB appeals in the North York district.  Ward 24 - Willowdale Councillor David Shiner successfully moved that the one year pilot program be implemented on a City-wide basis.  Participation in the pilot project will be at no cost to the applicant or other parties.  Mediation may occur either prior to the Committee of Adjustment hearing or prior to the hearing of the LAB appeal.  Mediation that results in modifications to the original application will return to the Committee of Adjustment for a new hearing.

The Staff Report and Executive Committee recommendations will be considered by City Council at its next meeting on March 30, 2016.


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