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Planning Act Amendments Reinstate Broader Grounds for Appeals

Aug 30, 2019

3 September 2019 has been proclaimed as the date on which some of the amendments made by the More Homes, More Choice Act, 2019 will come into effect. This blog is one of a series on the amendments to the Planning Act and the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Act, included in that omnibus Act, that come into force on that date.

A key set of amendments to the Planning Act allows broader grounds for appeals than under the previous Bill 139 regime. In principle, the amendments return to the language of the pre-Bill 139 Planning Act by repealing the significantly restricted grounds of appeal introduced by Bill 139.

The effect of the amendments is a return to permitting a broad range of grounds for appeals, including appeals as to whether the official plan/zoning amendments are consistent with “the principles of good planning”, while maintaining the pre-Bill 139 requirement that an explanation be provided when it is alleged that an amendment is not consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement, does not conform with/conflicts with a Growth Plan or does not conform with an official plan.

A comparison table in regard to these provisions is attached here.

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Author(s): Dennis Wood


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