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Industrial and Commercial Development Not Eligible for the Payment of DCs in Instalments

Jan 16, 2020

Bill 108, Schedule 3, introduced among other things section 26.1 into the Development Charges Act 1997. This new section set out rules for the payment of development charges in instalments for rental housing, institutional, industrial, commercial and non-profit housing development. Although the amendment was given Royal Assent on 6 June 2019, section 26.1 was to come into force on a later day to be named by proclamation.

Prior to section 26.1 being proclaimed, Bill 138 (Plan to Build Ontario Together Act, 2019), received Royal Assent on 10 December 2019. Among other things, Bill 138, Schedule 10, amends section 26.1 to remove industrial and commercial development from the types of development referred to in section 26.1, thereby making this kind of development ineligible for the payment of development charges in instalments. Section 26.1 was proclaimed in force on 1 January 2020.

Under section 26.1, development charges are payable in 6 annual instalments for rental housing and institutional development, and 21 annual instalments for non-profit housing.

Section 26.1 as amended by Bill 138 is available here.

Author(s): Dennis Wood / Sharmini Mahadevan


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