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Local Planning Appeal Tribunal and Toronto Local Appeal Body Respond to COVID-19 (Update Re: TLAB Proceedings)

Apr 24, 2020

On April 24, 2020, the Toronto Local Appeal Body (“TLAB”) released a Circular containing updated guidance as to its suspension/adjournment of hearings and related activities.  Previously, it had suspended/adjourned hearings (and related filing dates) for hearings on dates from March 16, 2020 to May 29, 2020,  The updated guidance extends the period of suspension/adjournment of hearings and related proceedings until  June 26, 2020, with the following exceptions:

  • Settlement hearings on consent (of all parties), after sending Hearing Request and other required items to TLAB
  • Single party applicant/appellant (uncontested) variance only appeals - where the election period in the Notice of Hearing has passed and no other Parties or Participants have elected status
  • Electronic hearings on agreement - where all Parties have agreed to an electronic hearing and where the Panel Member consents
  • Where there are compelling circumstances.

If an appeal involved a direction that prescribed timelines related to filings, the exchange of witness statements, or similar directions during the period ending June 26, 2020, these timelines are suspended.

When TLAB service resumes, a new Notice of Hearing will be issued which will detail new deadlines for each affected file. The new dates will allow sufficient time for the completion of disclosure filings in advance of the hearing, as detailed in the Rules of Practice and Procedure.

The full information circular sent by the TLAB is available here.


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